Friday, September 19, 2008

Chronicles of My Life with a Blonde, part 7: The Jenga Fire

Blondes + Lamp Oil + "Fire From Space!" = Part 7, of Chronicles of My Life with a Blonde: "The Jenga Fire."

Whilst camping, Brunnette self ponders the sanity of what's she's about to ask of Blondus Spousus of the Leo Signus Pyro-ness, but decides to risk it..."Would you please start a cooking fire in the fire pit?"

Blonde spouse bangs wood on a rock with hatchet to make a large pile of kindling. Brunnette self swears she hears a faint series of "ughs" drifting on the wind...wonders if her My Space friend, Sasquatch, has decided to crash the party.

Blonde spouse begins to erect large tower of kindling in infinity style Jenga pattern, until the tower is nearly 8 inches high. Brunnette self -- torn -- between the satiating with inquiry the morbid curiosity on why Blonde spouse is making a tower with no coals beneath it to start the kindling on fire...and watching to see the rationale of Blondus Spousus of the Leo Signus Pyro-ness of building the campfire upside down, wondering if at any moment he will declare "JENGA!"

Alas, morbid curiosity wins..."Honey," Brunnette self musters.

"Yes, dear." Blondus Spousus of the Leo Signus Pyro-ness

"Why are you building the campfire upside down?"

"So the coals are higher up and closer to the cooking grill."

Brunnette self gulps and hides the lamp oil.

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