Friday, September 19, 2008

Chronicles of My Life with a Blonde, part 5: Banned Tools

Blonde spouse, "I think I'll change that burnt out light bulb in the bedroom light fixture."

Brunette self mumbles, "Let me make sure we're current on the health insurance."

Blonde spouse disappears into the bedroom. Cussing and swearing float back down the hallway to my waiting brunette ears...followed by hammering...HAMMERING?!? and..."Hooooneeeeeeey, I need your help!" *sigh*

Brunette self wanders down the hall and into the bedroom, where blonde spouse stands on stepladder, holding entire light fixture (now with short in the wiring) danging ON between his arms..."ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch! It's hot!" blonde spouse whines.

Brunnette self counts to 10, asks blonde spouse why he didn't turn off the light first and then unscrew the glass covers, followed by unscrewing of the lightbulb from the socket leading to screwing in a new bulb. "THEY UNSCREW?!?"

*brunette head bangs against wall*

3 trips to the hardware store to fix wire short, buy new mount screw for fixture: $25.
2 hours of swearing under breath while fixing light fixture: exhausting.
Writing another episiode of Chronicles of My Life With a Blonde: PRICELESS.

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