Friday, September 19, 2008

Chronicles of My Life with a Blonde, part 2: Paying Bills

Brunette self: "The check to pay the Home Depot bill is right by the door."

Blonde spouse: "Ok."

Brunette self: "Do you have your Home Depot card?"

Blonde spouse: "S***!" (Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are ripped to shreds.)

Blonde spouse: "Found it."

Brunette self: "See you in about an hour."

Blonde spouse: "Ok."

(Discovery of check next to door about 25 minutes after blonde departs. Calls cell phone.)

Brunette self: "Where are you?"

Blonde spouse: "Home Depot."

Brunette self: "You missing anything?"

Blonde spouse: "Nope. Got my card, my id, my wallet, my car keys, my cell phone."

Brunette self: "How about a check to pay the bill?"

Blonde spouse: "Crap."

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