Friday, September 19, 2008

Chronicles of My Life With a Blonde, part 6: Baby Barricades

With the birth of our daughter, my blonde spouse decided it was safest to 'contain' her in one room while he cooked dinners. Each night I would come home, be unable to open the door...knock and wait 5 minutes while a great racket arouse on the other side of the door. My blonde spouse, decided baby fences were not 'enough.' Instead, he created the ever growing "baby barricade." Blonde spouse's "Baby Barricades" were an arrangement of furniture (usually endtables and chairs), with pillows and blankets shoved underneath them, and pots and pans along the top...a sort of alarm system, of sorts. We found "Baby Barricades" also made exceptional "Catch the Teens Sneaking Outs" or "Crooks Sneaking Ins" alarm systems as well, not to mention the ever popular "Blow out your discs in your back taking a midnight trip to the fridge" diet coaches as well.

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