Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chronicles of my life with a Blonde, part 17: 1st grader fashion faux pas.

NOTE: Chronicles of my life with a Blonde came to an abrupt end at the creation of "...part 16, How many blondes needed to use an easy bake oven?" Blonde Spousus Apparently No Sense of Humorous threatened gigantus divorcus, so Chronicles of my life with a Blonde saw a brutal and abrupt end. Brunette Wife has decided THIS INCIDENT warranted an exception. So without further ado and at the risk of my marriage, I bring you...

"Chronicles of my life with a Blonde, part 17: 1st grader fashion faux pas."

Monday morning was a wonderful treat, Blonde Spouse had the day off and so kindly allowed Brunette Self to leisurely sleep in and then waking me with a cup of coffee in hand around 10 am. He'd already seen our 1st grader off to school, fed the dogs and taken them out, and all of the usual morning riff raff. Because I had laid Ana's clothes out on the dresser the night before, it seemed I had nothing to worry about and went about enjoying the rest of our day alone together.

At 3 pm, I discovered just how wrong that sense of security turned out to be, when the first grader got home from school. I've got to hand it to the Blonde Spouse, many of the creations that come out of his kitchen are delightful. Alas, that magical combination ability ceases (and apparently curls up and dies a horrible death) when he replaces food ingredients with pieces of clothing. To be punnable, he sure knows how to dress a turkey but not necessarily our first grader, his blonde mini-me. Now, I'm no fashion connoisseur, but even my eyeballs have limits.

The door opens to reveal my beautiful first grader, magically transformed from mummy's lil princess to a banjo playing, spitting through her proverbial missing front teeth, um, daughter...refer to picture below. Somehow, Blonde Spouse saw nothing wrong with the attire. *shudders*

Mini Me was dressed in a long sleeved flannel, with a short sleeve t shirt 2 sizes to small on top of it. As I start to comment on the attire, I note that Blonde Spouse is currently wearing a long sleeved flannel underneath a Spider Man dress shirt. *rolls eyes*

I spent the next hour programming the Blonde Spouse Mini-Me to "Just Say No" to Daddy fashion faux pas and to tell him anytime he approaches her with clothing in hand, "Nooooo! We must go find the color coordinator, the Virgo, to check the ensemble against her clash meter."

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